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Which To Choose
– PWA vs Native App?

TeamUp Apps can create your app using a cutting-edge technology called Progressive Web App (PWA) OR can build using the more traditional native app approach.  You can choose which is  the best platform for you.

Here is some info that might help:


PWA = Progressive Web App
Native App = Apple/Android App


Same features & functionality
Both downloaded by users
Both cover all phone types

Creation & Approval:

PWA = 1-2 days
Native App = 2-4 weeks

So Why Choose a PWA?

  • Better overall experience at a MUCH better price!
  • PWAs are considered the future of mobile apps!
  • Same look, feel, and functioning as native apps (Apple/Android)!
  • By-pass Apple/Android approval and requirement hassles!
  • Some big-name companiest have switched to a PWA:
    Forbes    -Twitter    -Starbucks    -Home Depot    -Alibaba    -Fandango -The Weather Channel   -Pinterest    -Lancome    -FlipKart
    (and the list is growing)

PWA Advantages!

  • Easier To Download!
    Our PWA platform allows you you to SKIP the app store hassles.
  • Takes Up Less Space on user’s phone!
    Forbes native app=100mb
    Forbes new PWA= only 1/2mb!
  • More Security!
    Your users enjoy more peace of mind knowing their info is safer than before.
  • Better Performance!
    Works better than native apps in areas of poor connectivity.
  • Eliminates Approval Headaches!
    Not subject to Apple/Android ever-changing regulation whims!

Native App  Advantages!

  • More Messaging Options!
    Can geo-target messages to include only those in a certain area.
  • On-Screen Message Notifications!
    PWA message notifications do not pop-up on screen on ios phones. Apple has this on their list but it is not yet functional for PWAs. A message alert badge does show on the app icon for PWAs.
  • Apps Found In The App Store!
    *This may or may not be an advantage.

Customize Your App As You Want!


Sample Apps

Copy these links, email them to yourself and open on your phone to install.


inStep Church


Waterline Church



Quick Answers
To Good Questions
About Our Mobile App System

Special Pricing Will Not Be
Available For Long… Act Fast!

Discounted deal is guaranteed only to the first 100 churches that sign up!

Here’s What You Get

  • Basic app built, published , and hosted for you.

  • Easy-to-use Control Panel to manage your app.

  • Up-t0-date Analytics Section to monitor the health of your app.

Also Comes With

  • Over 40 customizable features available.

  • Unlimited push messages that can be scheduled.

  • Simple-to-follow training for all features at your fingertips.

Here’s What You Can Do

  • Communicate Better!

  • Improve Participation!

  • Increase Giving!

  • Keep Your People Engaged!

PWA Pricing

-Avoid the Apple/Android Approval Hassles!
-Up and Running in A Few days!
-Easier Installation for Your People!
-Instant Updates!

Regular Price

$79 one-time setup fee

Special Pricing
only $25 per month!


Native App Pricing

-Available in App Stores!
-2-4 Week Approval Time!
-More Messaging Options!
*requires your church to have its own Apple Dev account

Regular Price

$99 one-time setup fee

Special Pricing
only $49 per month!


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We are a small, but talented team, that loves working with people that work with people. With a successful background in education and ministry, our track record shows that we understand how important clear communication with your people is AND that we know how to get that DONE!

This amazing technology is the BEST communication tool available today for churches, schools, and other groups. So, we’ve decided to give up the big bucks to make this NO-BRAINER affordable to those (like you) that are serving others.

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