Here are just a few things you can do with your own mobile app

· post all your events and reminders

· absentee/late forms (streamlines paperwork)

· anti-bullying &incident reporting (most people are not near a computer when they witness an incident, but they always have their phone)

· photo gallery display of each event or special day (great way to keep supporters engaged and up-to-date instead of boring notes )

· post class projects & programs (videos, photos, presentations—again a simple way to ENGAGE your people)

· easily run Rewards programs (I Caught You Doing Something Good, Reading, etc)

· connect to online classes, video channels,

· each teacher can have their own tab for assignment reminders, class projects, rewards, extra credit, blog& thoughts, etc


· Normal pricing: $799 setup and $199 monthly maintenance fee

· SPECIAL PRICING: $0 setup and only $39 per month

o locked in price

o no contract – may cancel anytime

Actually pay for your app by using it:

· VASTLY improves fundraising kickoff & follow-up (2 of the 3 keys to successful fundraising)

· local businesses will pay you to let them sponsor your push messages (something you’re sending anyway – might as well let them pay for your app)

· offer a ‘classifieds’ tab where your people can post their items and services for $1-2 per post

· refer another school and get one month FREE for each one that signs up (we can also do apps for your parents’ churches and small businesses)

Other advantages:

· your own mobile app is customized and branded to YOU

· it ENHANCES your image and creates the upfront perception that your school is cutting-edge

· your ability to send messages is unlimited and free

· you can have an unlimited number of groups to send to making communication for everyone within your school simple and convenient (better and easier)

Did you know:

People do NOT look at their email, your website, OR your newsletter as much as you would like. BUT they ALL look at their phone and read their messages. ENGAGING them is not that hard but you do need the right tool.

Remember, I am a former school admin that had a pretty good track record. This is what we are suggesting to anyone that will listen because:

· It works!

· It enhances your image AND your performance!


I have made you an offer to get this cutting-edge technology in your school right now at an unbelievably affordable price because I think this is one of the BEST TOOLS for schools right now. I’ll keep it open for you for a few more days, but as our client list goes up, so will our price. You can check it out below.

See demos here: DEMOs

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