Hello Pastor,

My name is Jim Farmer. My wife and I have been in ministry for over 30 years, as Christian school administrators and elders of our local church in Indiana. We know, firsthand, how good communication and connection are keys to quality and success in ministry.

We also know how much energy it takes to do this successfully! That is why we have developed a service offering high-quality, custom mobile apps, specifically designed for churches.

A specialized mobile app is by far the best choice for communication today! It allows you to actually connect, instead of just sending out information. You also have the benefit of connecting to online giving, posting events, sending meeting reminders, instant prayer requests and having your info in people's hands, wherever they go!

It is proven that by implementing a mobile app, a church can:

Some churches report an average 31% increase by offering a mobile giving feature.

Speak the language of the millennial generation.

Connect and engage faster and more efficiently.

Our custom apps are unique in that they are specifically designed for the needs of churches, with over 40 special features that can be built in!

And here is the really good news...

Through the process of us launching our business, we are offering this at a fraction of the going rate to get your church set up with a custom mobile app at an affordable price. We are offering this for only $39/month, and we’re even WAIVING OUR SETUP FEE! 

This is not some cheap watered-down or slapped together program...this is a state-of-the-art platform backed by a cutting-edge software company. Our special arrangement allows us to set our pricing where we want.

We realize we are under-pricing this (especially considering this service normally costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars).  But this tool can be so great for ministry that we believe we can build our business by getting this technology in the hands of churches that otherwise would not be able to afford it!

This truly is the best mode of communication for churches today, and we would love to get your church set up today. To see a condensed summary of our special limited pricing, some examples, and how it works, click on: MORE INFO HERE.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jim & Marcia Farmer
OR visit our site: www.ChurchAppsConnect.com