Dear Pastor,

My name is Jim Farmer from Reach Church in Westfield. My wife and I administrated a successful Christian school for 30 years and we also served in church leadership in various forms over that span.

We have launched a new business by partnering with a cutting-edge software company that gives us the ability to create high-quality customized mobile apps specifically designed for churches.

Among other things, a mobile app can help INCREASE YOUR PEOPLE’S GIVING and make you instantly RELEVANT to the younger crowd.

This service is usually very expensive, but to help as many churches as we can, we are waiving our normal setup fee and will get this in your hands for just $39 a month.

We realize we are greatly underselling this, but if you have ever thought about a mobile app for your church or ministry, this is your chance and we can make it happen with quality. But our offer is only open for the first 50 churches.

I've put some bullet points in the link below in case you are interested.

bullet-point summary and demos HERE

see demos HERE

full site HERE

We look forward to talking to you soon,
Jim & Marcia Farmer