Hello Fellow Principal,

I understand better than most how crunched your time is right now…but I really want to make this opportunity available to you as you look toward next school year.

AND THIS will be worth your 2 minutes.

My name is Jim Farmer and I am a former Christian school principal and leader in my church. My wife and I are now using our experience to help Christian schools and churches by helping them get their hands on what we consider to be the BEST online tool available today: a fully customized mobile app.

Here is my offer:

I want to build your school’s own custom mobile app for FREE!

With your own mobile app you can:

  • -SUPER-CHARGE your communications!
    Set up unlimited groups and send UNLIMITED messages!
  • -Actually get your message READ!
    -98%+ open rate!     (email open rate = 4%, newsletter = ???)
  • -Enhance your IMAGE!
    Help people understand that YOUR SCHOOL IS BETTER!


We already offer the lowest rates around for a high-quality app, but if you will help us by just mentioning our service to others in your circle of influence, you can get your own mobile app for FREE.

As great as our mobile app is for schools, it has an even bigger impact for churches. If you will simply refer our info to the churches your students attend, and only 5 of those churches sign up as our clients, then we will build your app and give you one year’s service free of charge!

We prefer to work with ministries, but we can also build app solutions for small businesses and organizations your parents may run, like daycares, real estate, coffee shops, HOAs, etc.


  • -Increase Giving (+31%)
  • -Improve Community (connect more people to more ministry)
  • -Better Communication (better informed = more active)
  • -Instant Prayer Request Action!


We don’t believe in false pressure and our goal is to get this tool in the hands of every ministry that wants it. So, there really is not a set deadline BUT you may want to think about these 2 things:

-If we get swamped with orders (we are sending this to as many schools as we can think of) we reserve the right to pull this at any time.

-Our price will be going up soon. If you wait to start until AFTER our price goes up then those you refer will pay the higher price. But if you begin the process before our increase we can grandfather your referrals into the old pricing.


If you’ve ever thought about getting your school set up with a mobile app, this is your opportunity. Contact me at your convenience and I’ll answer any questions you have.

My Best,

Jim Farmer


(317) -502-4061


We founded and administrated a small Christian school in central Indiana for 30 years. During that time we consistently had the highest SAT score average in our county (that boasts very good public schools). In athletics our school won a couple of state championships and in school group settings our students were frequently recognized by other schools for character and sportsmanship awards.

In short, we created an all-around, high-quality program; some things by design and some we stumbled upon. Along the way we learned some of the things that made that happen.

We hope this gives us some credibility when we tell you that we believe this mobile app is the absolute BEST way to COMMUNICATE WITH and ENGAGE your people today ---which can translate into more success for you.