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About Our Mobile App System

What Is A PWA?

Progressive Web Apps are considered to be the future of the mobile app industry. They offer users a better overall experience and can be delivered to you at a more affordable rate.

PWAs are not necessarily a new technology, but rather a new approach that uses a combination of best practices that give us this superior result.

Check out some of the big-name companies that have switched to a PWA:
-Forbes    -Twitter    -Starbucks    -Home Depot    -Alibaba    -Fandango
-The Weather Channel   -Pinterest    -Lancome    -FlipKart
(and the list is growing)

PWAs Function The Same As Native Apps:

But Here Is Why PWAs Are Better:

Check Out Some Main Features
Your Custom App Can Have

Push Notifications
Get your message read ANYTIME you want! Send UNLIMITED and FREE messages to everyone or certain groups. These can be scheduled to make your time more efficient!

Web Links
Customizable quick links provide quick access to things like your organization’s web resources, online classes, video channels and more.

Custom Forms
Create unlimited number of signup forms. Increase your volunteer base and participation by making it convenient for them to commit! Reduce paperwork and unnecessary phone calls.

Information Access
-Welcome info
-I’m New/Connect options
-School info and student supplies lists
-Teacher/Admin lists

Keep your people in the know because mobile messages are read more than traditional bulletins, newsletters, and emails.

Calendars & Events
You can have unlimited number of calendars and Events pages. Users can view calendars in a monthly view or list view. Keep one major event schedule or break into separate ones for different activities.

Location & Directions
Using the GPS capabilities of today’s smartphones and tablets, users can easily get directions from wherever they are to any event location.

The key contacts for the school and PTA/PTO can be only a click away. You can also set up contact pages for all staff or key members. Staff can connect this to their department’s webpage to keep people in the know on what is happening in their area.

Photo Galleries
Keep parents and supporters connected and engaged to what’s happening by displaying photos of your latest events!

Social Media Connect
Connect directly from your app to your group’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

…and More!
Videos, challenge-sheets, thought -for-the-day, reading schedule, Principal’s letter and whatever else you can think of  – we’ve got you covered there, too. Over 40 customizable features available!

Creating Your Mobile App
Is Simple…

Everybody knows that the more informed a group is, the better it performs.

BUT, it’s not always as easy as it sounds because we also know that printed newsletters and emails just aren’t read by everyone anymore.

On top of that, cutting-edge technology can be complicated to learn and expensive.

So we’ve found the best tool available today and made it both affordable AND easy to get started!

Affordable AND Simple Pricing!

We want your decision to be an easy one…so we have chosen:
-a low price!
-a simple pricing plan!
-and a great quality solution!

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We decided to give up the big bucks to make this amazing technology affordable to those (like you) that are serving others. Give us a call and let’s see if we can put this awesome tool in your hands today!


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