Hello Fellow Principal,

My name is Jim Farmer and I am the former Administrator of a private school in Central Indiana. Having been the founders and administrators of this school for 30 years, my wife and I learned how important good communication and connection were to the success of our school and quality of the experience for the students and parents.

Over the years, we developed ways to assure the information we sent out was actually read, in ways that engaged and connected the students! And we did this in ways that actually took less effort. All of this leads to more participation, energy and interaction.

We also know how much energy it takes to do this successfully! That is why we have now developed a business offering high-quality, custom mobile apps, specifically designed for schools.

A specialized mobile app is by far the best choice for communication today! It allows you to actually connect, instead of just sending out information. You also have the benefit of posting events, sending push notifications and reminders, and being in people’s hands, wherever they go!

Our custom apps are unique in that they are specifically designed for the needs of schools, with over 40 built in special features!

And here is the really good news…

The process of us launching our business and our affinity for helping schools gives you a great opportunity to get our experience and our service at a fraction of the going rate and get your school set up with a custom mobile app at an affordable price.

We realize you are not the final decision maker but because you are one of the most influential parents in your school, if you see the value in this you will know who to take this to and can get their attention.

We truly believe this is an imperative mode of communication for school’s today, and we would love to show you how our unique, easy and affordable apps can help the interest and interaction of student and parents at your school.

We would love to talk with you about this further and are happy to answer any questions you may have. To see a condensed summary of our special limited pricing, examples, and how it works, click on: MORE INFO HERE.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jim & Marcia Farmer
OR visit our site: www.schoolappsconnect.com