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Why You Need A Mobile App

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Get Your Message Heard! 

Your Own Mobile App Lets You COMMUNICATE BETTER and SPEND LESS TIME Doing It!

Increase Your Revenues! 

Use Your Your Mobile App To Bring In  More Money!

Enhance Your Image! 

Schools Using Cutting-Edge Technology Send A Simple Message...

Your Own Customized Mobile App Puts Your Message and Info Right In Your Group's Hand!

State-of-the-Art Technology That's Affordable!

Number of times the average person checks their cell phone every day! Now YOU can put YOUR MESSAGE right in front of their eyes! 

We spend a LOT of time on our phones. 86% of that time is spent using some sort of a mobile app! 

Percentage of emails that are actually opened!  Compare that to the fact that almost ALL texts/push notes are opened!  
(with NO competition)

How much extra it costs you to send a push note to your people! There are also NOT the restrictions and regulations as there are on text-messaging.

Percentage of your group that you reach with your message -as OFTEN as you want -ANYTIME you want - FREE!

 NO long-term contract required!  We don't like them and don't make you. This makes us work harder to make sure you will LOVE this and that you will be a client for LIFE!

Connect!  Communicate!  Engage!

Do It Better In Less Time! 

Simply The Best Solution!

A Customized Mobile App is the most effective and affordable way of contacting and connecting with your parents, staff and students today 

Want Your Info READ?

With a well-designed app you can send a message/event/update DIRECTLY to your people's phones (you know, that thing they look at 110 times a day)...

Times Have Changed...To YOUR ADVANTAGE! 

Why It Works!

Did you know that the average person checks their phone 110 times a day?  Email, not so much. Send it and KNOW it is actually being read!

Want To Do For FREE?

...And you can send it anytime you want...
...and as often as you want...

FREE...Unlimited number of messages...

Comminicate Better...AND Spend Less Time Doing It! 

Send To Groups Only!

Grandparents and supporters don't need to know about the change in band practice today... but the Band does!  Type in your message and ONLY send to those that need to see it!

Send NOW or Schedule!

Your messages can be set to go out to just the right people and at exactly the right times.

Put Your Mobile App To Work For You NOW!

Put Your App To Work And Watch The  Approval Arrow Go Up!

  • Enhance School-to-Parent communication!
  • Get your announcements actually READ!!
  • Keep supporters connected through your Gallery, Events, and News!
  • Your schedules, menus, handbook & school supplies at your parent's fingertips!
  • Completely custom and branded app for your school gives you credibility and 'IMAGE'!
  • Improve Parent-to-School communication!
  • Improve your IMAGE immediately!
  • Keep parents ORGANIZED with reminders of field trips and special events!
  • Improve your FUNDRAISING efforts with automatic follow-ups and reminders!
  • Engaging your circle of people more builds excitement toward your school!

 Pay For Your App By Using It!

Our Pricing Is  GREAT  But Your App Can Pay For Itself And Then Some!

Offer 'Sponsorships' To Your Push Notes

Let local businesses or individuals sponsor your info messages: "Congratulations to the Eagles for beating Northside last night...brought to you by Joe's Plumbing!" 


Let members post items, services, and announcements for $1 to $2  for a post. You will probably make  more money than you need with this!

Fundraising Followup

The two keys to a good fundraiser are ALWAYS the way you INTRODUCE it and the FOLLOWUP! A Mobile app allows to do both of these  better and in a 'nicer' way.

Convenience 'PAYS' 

Stats show that when you make it easier for people to pay for things they do it MORE! Get more 'traffic' in your online bookstore and other offers.

Take A Tour!  Some Main Features

"Connect and Communicate Better using Today's Technology!"

Already Have a Text-Marketing Program in Place?

Check Out How Much More You Can Do With This Awesome Tool...

Push Notifications

Get your message read ANYTIME you want! Send UNLIMITED and FREE messages to everyone or certain groups. These can be scheduled to make your time more efficient!

Events & Activities

Announce, remind, and communicate all in a positive proactive way that ACTUALLY gets read!


You can have one event calendar or segment events into separate calendars. Users can view calendars in a monthly view or list view.

Anti-Bully Alert & Incident Reports

Keep a handle on those things that happen by allowing others to give you a heads up. This feature has been known to deter and influence untoward  behavior.

Absentee Forms

Cut down on paperwork and increase efficiency in one easy step. Convenient for both staff and parents! 

Assignment Lists

A great asset for both teachers and students. AND a great way for parents to keep up with their child's work.

Important Docs

Important documents like newsletters, your handbook, materials and more can be organized in unlimited, customizable Document Folders.

Social Media Connect

Keep everyone in-the-know by simultaneously sending a message as a push notification and post it to your app’s Newsfeed, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.


Your school's key contacts can be only a click away. Staff can connect this to their department's webpage to allow parents and others to know what is happening.


Customizable quick links provide quick access to things like your organization’s web resources, online donation or registration forms and more.

Photo Gallery

Keep supporters and parents connected by displaying photos of your latest event! 

Signup Forms

Increase your volunteer base and participation by making it convenient for them to commit! Reduce paperwork and unnecessary phone calls.

Location & Directions

Using the GPS capabilities of today’s smartphones and tablets, users can easily get directions from wherever they are to any event location.

...and More!

Videos, assignment sheets, thought -for-the-day, reading schedule, and whatever you can think of  - we've got you covered there, too.

Quality! - Efficiency! - Image!

 Now Affordable!

High Quality Graphics gives you a professional image and credibility!

QR Codes Included!

Put your QR codes or links to your app on your info so your people can easily download your app.

Track Your App!

Quality back-office analytics let you track how many downloads and even which features are used the most!

Instant Updates!

If your info changes a little or a lot, no problem! Any change you make shows up INSTANTLY -- even on the apps already downloaded!


We set it up but YOU control all the content and messages. No need to wait in line to get your updates made!

Easy Training!

We don't leave you hanging! Our back office is very simple to use and we'll step you through each feature.

Customized Layout Options -get the look and image you want! 

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Simple and affordable pricing puts this awesome tool in your hand giving you the COMMUNICATION ADVANTAGE you've been looking for.

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    $39/mo hosting
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SAVE $2700



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  • $1990 / year
    $390/yr hosting
    (save 2 months!)
  • Bump To Front of
        Build Line!

SAVE $2800!

Off Normal Monthly Package


Custom Design & Build!

Published  to All  4 Platforms!

Unlimited Push Notifications!

Self-Managed Content Control!

Robust Analytic Reports!

Choice of 50+ Custom Features!

Training and Support!

Real-Time Instant App Updates!

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